Take a deep breath and
Xale drink
The Blend
Pure L-theanine
Alleviates stress and anxiety while improving mental sharpness. An adaptogen and amino acid found in green tea leaves.
Vitamins A/C/E
The most powerful antioxidants on the planet; helps prevent free radical damage, boosts the immune system.
Improves focus and concentration, provides a feeling of physical and mental balance.
Vitamins B6/B12/B3/B5
Improves mood, mental clarity and energy.
Helps the body replenish and hydrate, aids in healthy cell production.
Mix It Up
Sky Fall
6 parts X•ALE
1 wedge of lemon
3 parts blanco tequila
1 part triple sec
Mix all ingredients over ice in a short glass.
Top of the World
3 parts high proof rum
2 parts X•ALE
1 part pineapple juice
1 part coconut rum
Mix all ingredients over ice in a tall glass.
Cloud 9
half orange whipped cream vodka
half X•ALE
Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass
half champagne
half X•ALE
Pour your favorite chilled champagne into a flute and top off with chilled X•ALE.
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