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L-theanine is the core ingredient in X•ALE's formulation. It is a non-protein amino acid found almost exclusively in green tea plants. L-theanine is classified by the FDA as a generally recognized as safe (GRAS) ingredient.


L-theanine is unique in a sea of supplements that promise much but deliver little. It’s one of the few supplements that crosses the blood-brain barrier and research to date indicates that L-theanine is very useful for reducing stress and restoring balance to systems neglected by people who are on the go.


X•ALE has a 100% BPA free aluminum packaging that provides a complete, impermeable barrier. The superior barrier properties, of aluminum packaging,  protect the integrity and improve the shelf life of sensitive products, in a highly sustainable manner.


X•ALE's lighter packaging reduces the relative weight of shipped components and products, lowering the amount of fossil fuel consumed per shipment. Lighter weight packaging ultimately reduces the amount of transport related carbon dioxide emissions to the benefit of society and the environment reducing our carbon footprint.